PURA - Cannabis Beverage Naming Contest - SHOW ME THE MONEY!

PURA - Cannabis Beverage Naming Contest - SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Austin, TX – August 16, 2016 – Wolf Wrangler’s not hiding the fact that we’re fans of the Puration, Inc. (PURA) business plan and go-to-market strategy.  Channeling Jerry Maguire, PURA had us at hello.

But The Cannabis Beverage Naming Contest that taps into the collective creativity of the entire marijuana community to come up with product names for the beverages to be produced by Spanish Peaks ScrumpDelicacies and infused with Puration Cannabis Extractions (http://www.spanishpeakscontest.com/) , well that is just absolute genius and we’re now thinking about asking PURA to let us have their babies.

In the event you’re over 25, you might be missing the genius, so let us explain.  If you’re old enough to remember the Dot Com Boom, then I think you’ll get the genius here fairly easily.

The 1990’s saw a digital technology revolution.  If Dustin Hoffman’s The Graduate was remade in the 90’s, Hoffman’s character, Benjamin would have heard “software” instead of “plastics” as the “one-word” of career advice.

It was a nerd revolution.  Software programmers were proliferating exponentially and so were programmers’ disposable incomes.  Programmers set in front of computer screens most of the day and felt proud to be a part of the information technology industry that was changing the world and driving the world economy.  What better audience could a stock broker ask for?  Passionate conviction in an industry; money to spare, and always in front of a computer screen.  Wolf Wrangler contends that the Dot Com runaway market was sparked by passionate programmer investors.

A recent survey of legal marijuana purchases in Washington State showed that over 50% of the purchases were made by millennials.  Government study statistics show that over 50% of all 18 to 25 year olds are enjoying marijuana with some frequency and that nearly 50% of all 12 year-olds in the United States have had a first experience with marijuana.  What else does this age group enjoy other than marijuana? Mobile phones.

While most marijuana public companies are trying to tap into the market that already reads InvestorsHub, PURA is reaching out to the passionate and connected marijuana community that’s not yet part of the market.  Genius!

This is where we think PURA channels that other famous Jerry Maguire quote – “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

The marijuana market hasn’t yet realized the Dot Com potential it holds.  It’s Wolf Wranglers opinion that the marijuana market has a void that the Dot Com market filled with passionate programmer investors.  It looks to us like PURA has figure this out and through the Cannabis Beverage Naming contest is reaching out to the passionate marijuana community and attempting to convert them into investors by making them stakeholders through the act of naming products the company will sell.

The Beverage Naming Contest does not amount to Jack’s magic beans.  It will not overnight convert the unrealized buying potential of the marijuana community, but it sure shows some impressive brain power and intuition behind PURA that improves Wolf Wrangler’s optimism for bright PURA future.

Now we’re going to go brainstorm some Cannabis Beverage names.

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