CIAU Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Could Top Bitcoin Ethereum And Dash

CIAU Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Could Top Bitcoin Ethereum And Dash

Austin, TX – June 27, 2017 – Wolf Wrangler

Ciao Group, Inc. (USOTC: CIAU) recently entered the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector with a strategy to penetrate a target market that could make a CIAU Initial Coin Offering (ICO) the biggest one yet and see a CIAU cryptocurrency with a market capitalization greater than Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash.

CIAU has come to the cryptocurrency and blockchain market after the major bugs of the technology have been identified and targeted for correction.  CIAU has timed its entry to coincide with a market development stage where momentum is approaching critical mass with a substantial number of investors having had an opportunity to grasp the dynamics surrounding how a cryptocurrency works, and what a blockchain or hyper-ledger does to enable a reliable cryptocurrency.

Now, with ideal timing, CIAU is targeting a specific sector that just might hold the single greatest source of potential for benefiting from a secure cryptocurrency.  CIAU is focused on delivering a cryptocurrency that empowers the economies of frontier economies by giving frontier economies access to the basic financial products enjoyed by already developed economic regions.

CIAU’s CEO Explains The Frontier Market Opportunity For Basic Financial Products

“Frontier economies around the world lack access to most of the financial products routinely available to consumers, businesses and governments within developed economic regions,” explained Aubrey Brown, CEO of Ciao Group. “Mortgage loans, credit cards, business insurance, working capital loans and government bonds are some of the basic financial tools for building any economy … With a standardized and trusted transaction platform, Frontier markets around the world can have access to the existing financial products already available within Developed economies.

CIAU’s Initial $530 Billion Target Market Strategy

“The African continent has $530 billion in public market capitalization across multiple national exchanges separate from the nearly $1 trillion in public market capitalization within South Africa alone … The Ciao Group management team has spent considerable time on the African continent over the past year developing the opportunity to connect the $530 billion in public market capitalization seamlessly with trading platforms in the United States …  African public stocks from multiple African countries traded in a single Cryptocurrency on US trading platforms cleared through DTCC accepted Blockchain transactions could monumentally increase the liquidity of investments in African public companies, and give the average individual US investor new access to the extraordinary growth opportunities only found within Frontier markets.”

900% PPS Increase In 30 Days To $100 Million Market Capitalization

In the last 30 days since CIAU came public with its yearlong efforts in Africa, the Company’s stock price has increased 900% from $0.05 to reaching a high of $0.50 with a market capitalization exceeding $100 million.  The Company’s progress remains largely undiscovered as of yet by the market with the average daily trading volume at only about 50,000 shares per day.  Only a handful of market makers are currently active in the stock. 

Low Float, No Reverse Or Forward Split And Substantial Share Retirement Anticipated

The Company CEO recently reported, “CIAU only has 4 million shares currently in its float.  There are just over 200 million shares issued and out at this time and no plans for a reverse or forward split.  We do have an initiative underway anticipated to result in a substantial retirement of a substantial portion of the issued and outstanding.  The Company is working on a name change to NuMelo Technology.”

Ciao Group’s Refreshed Business Plan And Name Change To NuMelo Technology

Ciao Group has announced a “refreshed business plan” concentrating on developing locally sourced technology and telecommunication services within frontier and emerging economic markets.  The Company also reports an impending name change underway to NuMelo Technology. 

You can learn more about Ciao Group / NuMelo Technology on the Company’s website:

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This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act"), and as such, may involve risks and uncertainties. These forward looking statements relate to, amongst other things, current expectation of the business environment in which the company operates, potential future performance, projections of future performance and the perceived opportunities in the market. The company's actual performance, results and achievements may differ materially from the expressed or implied in such forward-looking statements as a result of a wide range of factors.

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