You probably know this intuitively, but face it, most investment news is NOT published to help you make money.  It’s intend to make money for the one publishing the news.

Just like Ford creates adds to make men identify themselves as a ‘truck-guy’ and Revlon advertisements are meant to make women feel wearing lipstick makes them more ‘beautiful,’ Jim Cramer wants to make you believe you are a ‘smart-investor’ if you buy or sell the stock he’s touting.  Ford, Revlon and Cramer all make money if they succeed in their persuasion.

The Wolves of Wall Street are hard at work cornering their prey – retail investors.  Regulators are not effective shepherds and are suspect wolves in sheep’s clothing.  But villagers have protected their own flocks for centuries.

The difference between simply protecting a flock and investing, is in learning to hunt with the wolves instead of warding them off. 


The purpose here is to gather a community of villagers working with each other to earn a profit among the pack of wolves by sharing our own main street perspectives, experiences and insights from our respective wall street endeavors.  We’re not looking to beat the wolves.  We’re looking to pickup their trail and run with the pack as our own breed of hunter.  We’re Wolf Wranglers recognizing the unchangeable predatory nature of the Wolf and directing it for our own benefit.

If you’re looking to make big returns on small investments as can only be realized on the micro cap public market, then this is the site for you.  Sign-up to share your own opportunity yet undiscovered by the market and to learn from others about opportunities not yet discovered by the market.


We don’t expect to change the nature of wolves and we don’t expect to change the low success rate of small businesses that use the micro cap public market to finance their business. 

SBA research shows that half of all small businesses only survive five years and only half of the survivors past five years make it another five years.  Let’s embrace the failure rate and invest in the likely milestone successes every small business will achieve along the way even though they probably won’t ever make it as an NYSE high flier.  There’s plenty of profits to be taken from the milestone successes along the way to a statistically likely failure.

Let’s work together to find undiscovered opportunities.  We’ll bring ours.  You bring yours.  Find out what a management team plans as their company’s milestone steps along the way to their objective.  If we think the management team’s got a chance of hitting any of its milestones, we’ll buy-in.  If they hit it and the market gives them the PPS increase that can come from such a success, we’ll take our return and then decide if we want to buy-in to the next milestone.

Meet here at the Wolfwrangler.com, sign-up to contribute or just read and comment on the contributions of others.  Become a Wolf Wrangler.


Puration (PURA): Waiting For The Market To Find Out Its Got A U.S. Patent Maybe Even Better Than GW Pharm's (GWPH)

Puration (PURA): Waiting For The Market To Find Out Its Got A U.S. Patent Maybe Even Better Than GW Pharm's (GWPH)